So who's hogging YOUR bed?
If you and your loved one
ever have words at 3am,
the answer is at
your fingertips!

The fitted Layline Bed Sheet
has a line along the middle you can
feel with your fingertips, without
switching the light on.

"An amazing invention,
I really regret not investing!"
James Caan, BBC Radio 1

First shown on BBC Dragon's Den the idea was inspired by my otherwise lovely wife, a compulsive and unrepentant bed thief.

“This a gem”

Better sleep improves your memory, your relationship and your health, as well as helping you do more with your day.

“Television gold”
The Daily Telegraph

I wish you many nights of good sleep, love and laughter on your very own Layline bed sheet!

dragon's den bed dividing sheetjon signiture

Jon Foster-Smith,
Designer and perpetual problem solver




Say it all! The perfect gift for...

• Anniversary (1st is cotton)

• Wedding

• Valentines

• Superior bed linen by Percale of Cheshire
• High quality weave of 200 threads per sq. inch
• 7 Year guarantee of quality
• Easy iron

percal luxury polyester cotton


We are sorry to tell you that the world famous Layline Bedsheet is no longer in production. Feel free to send a message on this page or make an enquiry.

All sheets fit mattresses up to 9in deep. More about mattress sizes.

Orders are dispatched on Thursdays by 2nd class post.

If your partner is keeping you awake or you'd just like to drop us a line, fill in and send the form. Your details will not be passed on.